Pertronix Wiring Diagram With Factory Tach

pertronix wiring diagram with factory tach

Pertronix/Factory Tach Wiring

I have wired it precisely to the John Hull wiring diagram with the BR wired in. to be factory with the exception on the red and black pertronix. How do I get the factory in dash tach to work with a pertronx unit?

pertronix wiring diagram with factory tach

black to the suppressor on - coil) go into the main harness in the back of the. I run a pertronix on mine and the standard tach seem to be working ok for me, some Most of the wire color codes match the factory schematic.

pertronix wiring diagram with factory tach

Bryan's right, any switched 12V is ok to run the Pertronix. As far as killing your tach, you don't need to worry if you use the correct factory harness; the switched.

pertronix wiring diagram with factory tach

I installed it following Wolverine's wiring diagram ( thread-pertr pped-fords) but the tach was still jumping.Hi SteveF. I just veiwed your wiring diagram for the MSD unit to activate the tach via alternate re-wiring. I have a 73 and a half T/CIS.

pertronix wiring diagram with factory tach

Recently installed the MSD 6AL with Tach adapter and coil. Jan 25,  · Pertronix 3 & factory tach Discussion in 'Electrical Systems' started by fixjets, Jan 24, Jan 24, #1. fixjets Member.

pertronix wiring diagram with factory tach

67 1. Sep 12, I have used the Pertronix and flame thrower coil with a stock tach and alls fine.

Mustang Petronix Ignitor 1965-1973 Installation

My Pertronix eventually died from engine heat after about 12 yrs of use. I'm trying out the Crane Xr-i.

Simple Tach Install for HEI Distributor (re-upload)

PERTRONIX DIGITAL HP INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS. • We recommend the factory spark plug heat range be used.

Pertronix II low idle problem fixed

The spark: signal for smooth tach operation, even at the rev limits. Using the gray wire also allows for other functions like rev limit verifications on startup. Jan 21,  · Jim and Jutta; Wrote:I started with the Pertronix Ignitor III and Flamethrower coil, with a direct 12V connection, never could get he stock tac to function correctly plus had some starting some rewiring tac functioned but was way off, finally went to the Petronix l and stock coil, using the original resistor schematron.orgms resolve with the tac, even started better, much better.

pertronix wiring diagram with factory tach

Dec 28,  · Hello, I have a Ford Mustang with a C and Pertronix Ignitor II in the distributor. THe car has the factory ford tach, which has only two wires. I want to install an MSD 6A box in it with the tach adapter PN for current triggered tach. I looked at the wiring diagrams to hook up PN and also the diagram for connecting an MSD to an Ignitor II.Bob Johnstones Studebaker Resource Website (Studebaker & Avanti Pertronix/tachometer install )PerTronix Technical Help Desk

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