Janitrol Thermostat Wiring

janitrol thermostat wiring janitrol thermostat wiring

During installation, the wires are connected to one board that sends certain data The thermostat wire is color coded so the technician can identity which wire. i have an old janitrol thermostat and i am trying to install a honeywell thermostat but there is a w2 connecting wire to the janitrol and it says to consult a hvac tech. I just bought a new digital Honeywell thermostat - TH I am replacing an old mercury one - the writing in the back is Janitrol HPT I'm interested in replacing my old Goodman Janitrol HPT I received the thermostat yesterday and I plan on installing it this evening.

janitrol thermostat wiring

Thermostat Wiring Colors Code - Always follow the thermostat manufacturers Heil, Fedders, Amana, Janitrol, or any other manufacturer other than Rheem or.Aug 16,  · Hi, I just bought a new digital Honeywell thermostat - TH I am replacing an old mercury one - the writing in the back is Janitrol HPT, 3AAT86B21A1 HOUSTON, TEXAS. Janitrol to Rite Temp thermostat wiring [ 6 Answers ] I am changing a Janitrol mechanical thermostat to a Rite Temp And the heat Pump is a Goodman.

janitrol thermostat wiring

The wires on my old thermostat are labeled G, Y, E,R,O,W,and C There is no E on the new thermostat. I have hooked the others to the corresponding letters on the new thermostat and left the.

janitrol thermostat wiring

thermostat in case the equipment owner changes the thermostat out, however only a single common or C wire needs to be run to the thermostat, and it is usually the Cc wire, that is the common wire from the cooling transformer. Jul 30,  · I am trying to replace a Janitrol thermostat with a Honeywell RTH The Janitrol had wires White-connected to W2, Brown-connected to E, Green-connected to G, Red-connected to R, Orange-connected to O, Blue-connected to C, and Yellow-connected to Y.

I used the alternate heat pump wiring diagram on.

janitrol thermostat wiring

I am replacing a Janitrol HPT Thermostat with a Honeywell Prestige HD Thermostat. The Janitrol had 7 Wires Terminated Labeled (Y, G, R, O, W2, E, C) The new thermostat has all of these designations except W2.

janitrol thermostat wiring

Well it does have it, but it is under the conventional labeled side (I have a heat pump).Thermostat Wiring Colors Code | HVAC Control Wire DetailsWiring diagram JANITROL HPT

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